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Reviewers wrote:  In Plain Sight book cover

After reading “In Plain Sight” I was greatly impressed by the way Greg was able to skillfully coordinate a complicated criminal investigative effort within a fast moving Cyber environment.  The blending of both criminal and intelligence activities as seen in the story is very realistic. His overall plot development and the clarity of his handling of the cyber component of the novel was masterful. This was a great read, and I look forward to seeing more of Jon Wells.

Bob Blitzer
FBI Domestic Terrorism Section Chief (Ret.)

In Plain Sight” weaves a believable high-tech thriller from a remarkable combination of up-to-the-minute elements: Chinese economic espionage, ISIS global warfare, terrorist recruitment from the Minneapolis Somali community, cyber security and strained relations between, local, federal and military law enforcement.

Greg Gardner’s first novel fits sleekly into the niche created by authors like Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn. He has created a main character in Jon Wells who is familiar with both the skyways and underground tunnels of Minneapolis and the bureaucracy and procedures of cops and federal agents. Gardner uses many recognizable Twin Cities location to bring a gritty sense of reality to his story.

He also taps into his experience as a naval officer and computer expert to explain in elaborate detail how foreign governments and terror organizations can, and do, attack the United States in both brutal and sophisticated ways.

 The novel launches Jon Wells as a continuing character for a projected series of novels that will be welcome additions to the techno-thriller genre.        

 – Rick Shefchik – author of the Sam Skarda thrillers 

Gardner captures the real-life nature of cyber security wrapped inside a compelling fictional story. He describes events that are possible, and may have already happened! It is like the cyber criminal adversaries have come to life. Be afraid, be very afraid.”

Chris Romeo
CEO, Security Journey

BEST new author in genre!

What a GREAT READ!! I couldn’t put it down. I even read it all in one day! The characters were very well developed and the action was nonstop. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

Amazon reader

The world has changed; borders and threats are no longer merely physical in nature. As many of you know, the cyber landscape is the new battleground. Due to his life’s experience, author Greg Gardner has a thorough understanding of this subject and has captured the essence of this new, burgeoning threat to our society. Greg combines intricate technical details and plausible storylines to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Mitch Norby
CTO and President, Technology Division of Dairy.com

Gardner Nailed it… The Cyber War is Real: It isn’t “If,” but “When” will you be joining… Privacy is a thing of the past.

Dean LoNigro
Director, Tech Ops & Engineering – Healthcare Los Angeles Area

Exciting, surprising, and often frightening thriller. Cyber war is coming to America, and we are not prepared.

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