Amazon – Firestorm (a Jon Wells novel Book 2)

Jon Wells and Zhang Xe are back at it again. Each has been removed from their respective positions of authority and are now struggling to continue their quests. Zhang, without the assistance of his Chinese Army cyber-team, attempts to take down the US economy by implementing cyber-attacks designed to cripple the US transportation system. What happens if something threatens the American trucking industry? What happens when there is no bread, milk, or water on store shelves? Will Americans turn on one another? Zhang is counting on it.

Jon, relieved of his duties with the FBI, is now with a new division of Homeland Security, but the team’s methodical approaches, processes, and groupthink wears on him. Zhang wants to show the new Chinese leadership how powerful he is. Jon breaks all the rules to find Zhang seemingly without regard to who it hurts. Who will win this worldwide battle through Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, and France before culminating in the US?

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